Design Option 1 has been selected for final design and construction of the Tualatin Sherwood Road Project.  Click here to view the selected option.

Tualatin Sherwood Road Project

Tualatin Sherwood Road Project

Tualatin Sherwood Road between Adams Avenue and Borchers Drive currently experiences heavy traffic congestion, primarily during peak travel hours. In addition, this section of roadway intersects with 99W which is also heavily traveled.

The Tualatin Sherwood (Adams to Borchers) project proposes to make needed enhancements to this section of roadway in order to improve traffic circulation in the area, address safety for all modes of transportation and accommodate existing and future capacity needs.

Tualatin Sherwood Road Project Location Map

Proposed improvements being considered include:

  • Widening Tualatin Sherwood Road to include two westbound thru lanes between Adams and Borchers.
  • Widening east of Adams Avenue to carry a second eastbound thru lane beyond the Adams intersection.
  • Hwy 99W intersection improvements to help the signal function efficiently.
  • Addition of bike facilities on both sides of Tualatin Sherwood Road within the project limits.

The County also plans to work with the staff from City of Sherwood, along with adjacent commercial property owners and business owners to identify needed traffic signal modifications within the project limits.

The project is funded through phases 3c and 3d of Washington County’s Major Streets Transportation Improvement Program (MSTIP).  Design for this project is almost complete; however, the project is currently on hold due to a Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA) appeal. Final design and construction will commence upon resolution of the appeal.

In addition to the planned road improvements, the county also has plans to implement the second phase of an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) upgrade on Tualatin Sherwood Road.  ITS helps improve traffic flow by adapting traffic signals in real time as traffic conditions change.  Phase 1 upgraded the signals between Teton Avenue and Interstate 5 in 2011. Phase 2 will upgrade the signals between Teton Avenue and Highway 99W concurrently with the Tualatin Sherwood Road improvement project.